Wednesday, 13 April 2016

New beginnings | Life Update

 Hi lovelies,
It's been a while since I last posted on here (please forgive me) but there have been a lot of changes and new wonderful things happening in my life that I wanted to share with you.
 As you can see, things have changed up a little on here.  There's a lot of newness happening, hence the title of this post! I now have a new name for my blog and a whole new look. I've changed from to - I've self titled my blog which I had been contemplating for some time now, however, I felt now was the perfect time to do so. I feel it reflects the stage I'm currently at in my life very well. I want to feature a lot more lifestyle posts on here and felt that it was quite fitting to name my blog after me.

I'm back for the long-haul this time and I can't wait to get stuck right in. I have found my love and passion for writing again which has taken a while (better late than never, aye). So much has happened in a year, my highlight has to be moving into my dream city apartment with my boyfriend last year, which I've always wanted to do (live in the city, that is) since leaving University. I absolutely love it here! However, this year, I have something even better to look forward to and some very exciting news to tell you all..

I'm having a baby!
I'm 9 months pregnant, full term (39 weeks today) meaning I could go into labour any minute now.. although I have a week left until my actual due date. It feels so surreal! To think I found out all those months ago and it all comes down to finally meeting my baby anytime now, is quite something. I am patiently waiting for her to take her sweet time to arrive, whilst playing the guessing game of when she'll actually be here. You just have to be patient and let nature take its cause, as that's all you can do really.. nothing beats God's timing. I have our hospital bags ready, car seat too, her pram assembled and waiting for the big moment. I feel so blessed for this moment in my life and can't wait to finally meet my little girl, share and make new memories and moments to last a lifetime, any time now...

 I will be sure to keep you posted when she finally arrives, after I finish coming to terms with my new life, I imagine.

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Shenae x

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